Handcrafted Art Inspired by Nature


Sea’s creations is an eclectic mix of whimsical art inspired by nature by NanSea Peterson Taylor. Each piece reflects a thyme, weather it it be a pretty oyster dish, whimsical birdhouse, hand laced leather journal or any of her unique art. Her salt life has set the stage for coastal creations, such as Key West krazy fish crafted from repurposed items and mixed media thymes of the sea. All of Sea’s creations are handmade on Cape Cod where NanSea lives. If you are interested in an item out of stock, please reach out today.

About NanSea

As a young girl Sea has been making something out of pretty much nothing, even to this day. Living in Key West and the Keys to currently Cape Cod keeps her inspired by the salt life, but it doesn’t stop there. She loves wood, metals and paint, so you never know what Sea will imagine to create next.